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Scriptor Server is a versatile and agile information and process management platform. It supports internet, intranet, extranet and e-commerce solutions.

Scriptor Server is a unique solution: it is the fastest and simplest platform to implement information management processes for your company. 

It has been designed to meet the agility that fast-paced business require: as business requirements change (and they always do), the information systems must change too. With Scriptor Server information structures or the workflow can be adapted by the business users without requiring intervention from the IT teams.

Most of companies already have information systems (ERP or CRM platforms) and it is vital that everything is integrated. Scriptor Server platform assures that integration with other systems is done in a simple, fast and solid way: Business users always know what is happening without having to require IT team intervention to have the control of information flow.

Scriptor Server licensing is simple and unrestricted to allow businesses to grow without worries about cost of scalability or number of users.

For IT Teams Scriptor Server is a platform that allows them to answer the requests of business managers as fast as no other platform with the security that it will handle the most demanding information volumes and concurrent users.

  • Information structures fully customizable via BackOffice;
  • Process definition using the integrated workflow editor;
  • Full search of all platform content automatically filtered by user permissions;
  • Presentation templates to filter and adapt content to each situation(e.g. website, mobile, reports); 
  • Complete user management and permission control inside Scriptor or integrated wioth external platforms (Active Directory, LDAP or custom solution)
  • Detailed audit of all actions and content modifications;
  • Multi language support for text and image elements;
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards with graphics and metrics for immediate business analytics and process control;

More about Scriptor Server

The 360 evaluation solution allows managers to evaluate their teams' performance in an easy, agile and organised way.
With Scriptor Server, Alicorp's sellers can automatically register claims on their mobile devices and check their progress anytime.
Through Scriptor Server, ViaTecla created a fully modular and configurable intranet, dedicated exclusively to the over 2 thousand employees stationed all around the globe.
REN's newsletter "EmRede" is now more digital, with an easier navigation and sent automatically through Scriptor Server.
Do you have an organized flow of information or is your organization based on e-mail and excel?
Scriptor Server streamlines “Open Innovation” in Brazil
Partnership with Hundred Consulting
The Diariamente Ali website is a consumer portal focused on "¿En qué te puedo ayudar hoy?" ("how can I help you today").
REN’s Intranet has been distinguished with the first place on the category “Best Intranet”
Content creation and delivery in digital format has been a challenge since the beginning of the digital era. It is a continuously and fast changing market with new devices, information formats and distribution models coming almost every day.
Scriptor Server is an agile and flexible platform for process management that helps you to manage your business. It supports processes and contents in an integrated and customizable way for any kind of information.
Romero Group develops new website with Business Process & Content Management system - Scriptor Server.
Scriptor Server helps you manage large amount of information increasing your profitability.
Agile data update.
REN received, in 2013, nine awards for new website developed with Scriptor Server.
Angolan government chooses Scriptor Server as a tool for data and process management.
Make Human Resources a more efficient area by simplifying daily operations and managing the whole recruitment process in one place.
Brigde4Media platform is now used by Sky´s network.
Scriptor Server positions as an agile yet poweful business and information processes development framework for the organizations, from the small to the large ones.

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