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Nicereader is a digital publishing platform, that allows to create and make dynamic and interactive contents available to multiple platforms (tablets: ipad, windows, android; web; mobile; interactive screens and tables).

The simplicity and low cost of NiceReader opens a window of opportunity for new business models in media, catalog or niche market publications, reports or brochures.


  • New way of distribution:
Free or paid;
Single issue purchase (loose numbers);

  • New source of income:
Enriched advertisement;
Sale of publications (in-App Purchase),  magazine subscriptions & Vouchers;
Direct selling catalogues;

  • New way of communication:
New formats publishing dominance;
Through Social Netwok viral effect;

  • New way of information blending - Focused on the contents:
Guide for new resources like Video, Sound, Slide Shows, Hotspots, amongst others;

More about NiceReader

In the scope of the partnership between Viatecla and IADE University, students were challenged to plan and design an online publication with Nicereader. The project included both the layout and the content for the user. This initiative allowed teh students to increase their knowledge about the challenges that these type of online publications face, with the real-world experience of working with professional content management solutions like Nicereader.
Provide a new reading experience for your readers and be with them wherever they are.
FlowDocuments is a new App for Windows 8, allowing editorial teams to create, validate, approve and publish content interactively.
Monetize your business, innovate and distribute your content on mobile devices.
Follow market´s trends. Create interactive content and publish it in apple, android and windows 8 stores.
PTZINE - Portugal Travel Magazine is a new digital publication focused in travel and culture launched with Nicereader.
Viatecla and IADE launched a joint initiative with the goal of challenging students to new approaches of interface and digital design.
Content creation and delivery in digital format has been a challenge since the beginning of the digital era. It is a continuously and fast changing market with new devices, information formats and distribution models coming almost every day.

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