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KEYforTravel is a modular platform for the management of tourism products. It covers the full cycle of the operation, from the interoperability with partners to product definition, promotion and sale and management control.

The KEYforTravel platform is positioned as the turning point of the operations management capacity of the global tourism industry: Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Hotel Chains, and Airline Companies:

  • Complete product aggregator engines (Aviation, Hotels, Rent-a-Car, as well as other upselling products);
  • Multi-channel promotion and distribution of the available offer (multi-company, multi-brand and multi-interface);
  • Agile and user friendly operational management;
  • Real-time analysis of key business performance indicators;
  • Multi language and multi-currency offer for multiple market operation;
  • Suitable for several business models, leisure Agencies, corporate business, Tour Operators, Hotel aggregators, and other industry players.

KEYforTravel OperationKey

The travel industry is constantly under pressure to innovate and keep up with the latest trends, and information is the key to successfully manage the business. With OperationKey, reselling product is easier and a much more effective task, ensuring, at the same time, the best available rates.

OperationKey brings an out-of-the-box transactional website, customizable and ready to start selling:

  • Interoperability - online connection to product brokers to allow instant search and to get the best available rates;
  • Product aggregation - multiple input product brokers, one output aggregated feed;
  • Business rules - products are presented to the user with the business rules defined, making the sales process easy and smooth;
  • Templates for communication with customers, suppliers, issuing of travel documentation and log of customer interactions;
  • Responsive and attractive designs, multi-platform support, elegant documentation and social presence;
  • Pre-trip, prost-trip, operational reporting and OLAP cubes to fully understand the operation;

OperationKey permits to control and measure the business, allowing to influence the sales process to achieve the business goals. With OperationKey, information can be transformed into business actions in order to maximize business return.  It eases the daily workload, assuring quality and consistency on customer interactions, yet allowing the human touch and personalization of service that makes the difference.

Hotel Smart

Hotel Smart is a very simple application for your travel agency, that searches your hotel suppliers and displays in your screen the best prices and availability. Your travel agency contracts and commercial agreements will be used, so you will not lose the relationship with your suppliers.

It's a simple and agile operation for increased profitability that reduces operational costs and gives faster responses to your customers' requests, as you will have all the information and prices in one single screen, instead of having multiple applications. Give your operation a web based environment accessible anywhere, where hotel fares from the suppliers are compared and the best one is showed. It uses the map to search for the best suitable property and book it, sending the voucher to your customer.  All your hotel suppliers in one place!

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