Yes, you can! Digital transformation made simple for SMEs
Meet GESTIFIX - one of our dearest clients - and know more about how small and medium companies can digitally transform their businesses.

GESTIFIX is a Portuguese group composed of two companies that work in Industrial Segment and Civil Construction offering projects, services, and skilled work force for clients in Portugal and abroad. Ana Neves, GESTIFIX´s General Manager, has shared with us the motivations and results of having their processes digitized by Scriptor Server. Let´s learn a little bit about their experience with it.

Allows us to work autonomously at our own pace

"Our processes were entirely manual. It was very hard to have KPIs to help us on measuring performance and taking business decision on-time. As I had already worked with Scriptor Server, and know it is a very robust tool, I felt it would help us manage the complex and detailed documentation we need to deal with. 

Before we started, I wasn't fully familiarized with our processes and the best way to digitize them. The best thing is it allows us to keep evolving our digital base as we are adding new processes gradually. Maybe, if we were a bigger company, we could first map all our processes and then digitize them. But it isn´t our reality: as a medium company we need to be faster than the big ones and continually improve our management processes.

Although in complex processes I still need some help from Viatecla, for simple ones we are autonomous and capable to build them alone, without any IT help."

Easy to use, anytime, anywhere, by everyone

"We use the platform for digitizing the operational management processes. It was very easy for our employees to use the tool and extract analyses and reports from the processes. Also, having the information digitized, it can be shared by all and the company´s processes can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without VPNs. It is a huge benefit: having everything in the cloud allows us to work remotely when necessary."

 Everything integrated

"I am very pleased with the results. Now we are going to migrate our website to Scriptor Server platform as well to have everything in the same place. We also expect to create a dedicated customer portal where we can share and keep all their documentation updated and a portal for our team leaders to help them manage teams' timesheets and KPIs."

Proximity is an asset, too

"Having a Portuguese company as a supplier is important indeed: because of the proximity, we can influence and have the Add-ons we need quickly implemented."

One last piece of advice

"Digital transformation doesn´t need to be expensive. If you have an overall idea of your processes, you don´t need to wait for having all of them mapped. Just start from what you have and keep evolving. Without digitization, you can hardly have real-time performance indicators to help you manage your business and take the best decisions".

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