Viatecla participates in Innotrans 2014
From 23rd to 26th September Viatecla will participate, alongside other Portuguese companies, in Innotrans - International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, held in Berlin. Visit us in Hall 5.1 stand number 210.
Viatecla will present during Innotrans its solutions for Tourism and Transport product distribution, focusing on its latest engine Rail. 
Currently available in Portuguese and Brazilian market, Viatecla´s customers have the ability to sell train tickets, to highlight the major player in Brazilian industry "Student Travel" that uses the train engine for selling in Europe. 

Starting from its product portfolio and expertise in several areas of development of information systems, Viatecla presents a wide range of solutions and tools to support enterprise customers in managing their business range, such as:
Tourism and Transport: The star product Viatecla´s portfolio - KeyForTravel - is a cross-platform for tourism market that allows the operation of the entire business cycle. Highlight the engines of Rail and Aviation business and the ability of product combination. This platform also allows assembling circuits composed by Aviation, Train and Hotel as well as any other special product. 

Communication / Entertainment: Viatecla has two solutions in video area. The first FutureboxTv is a solution for submitting video content for digital signage and web interfaces (Tablets, PC and TV). And the second, Brigde4Media allows distribution and e-commerce video content (eg movies and series), oriented to all organizations that are focused on monetizing its assets average. 

Content management and processes: A powerful solution for information management and business processes, which responds to the current needs of the advance companies. It can be used to build and manage processes such as projects, human resources, intranet, extranet. And also as Content Manager where you can manage and build websites, user friendly, transactional or not, with responsive design and therefore functional on any device - Scriptor Server

Mobile / Entertainment: With Nicereader solution your users have a new channel of communication, which can provide publications and interactive content across multiple platforms (smartphones and tablets: iPad, Windows 8, Android, web, interactive tables and screens).

Visit us in Hall 5.1 stand number 201.

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