Travel Technology in the heart of Europe
Let's get together @ TTE and BTS
This week, TTE (Travel Technology Europe) and BTS (Business Travel Show) is once again being held in London and we are there with our Travel and Tourism Management and Distribution platform KEYforTravel porfolio and know how to design and deliver the solution you are looking for.

Focused on discussing technology in the travel industry, this is the place where we all go to learn, explore and find new solutions to incorporate in our strategies. 

Why should you know more about KEYforTravel? Because you will get:

A complete set of product aggregator engines (Flight, Hotel, Rent-a-Car, as well as other travel and tourism products);

Multichannel promotion and distribution of the available offer (multi-company, multi-brand and multi-interface);

Agile and easy to use operational management;

Real-time analysis of the main business performance indicators;

Multilingual and multi-currency offer for multiple operations in the market. Suitable for different business models such as leisure agencies, tour operators, hotel aggregators and other players in the industry.

If you are also attending TTE and BTS and are in need of a complete modular platform for managing and distributing your travel and tourism products, we will see you there!

Meanwhile, you can get in touch and let us know what can we do for you and your business. 

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