Scriptor Server - Your content and process manager
Scriptor Server positions as an agile yet poweful business and information processes development framework for the organizations, from the small to the large ones.
Scriptor Server makes available a powerful set of tools dedicated to the organizational business process management and delivers a strong set of tangible business benefits to the organizations.
Scriptor Server, a powerful 100% XML-based process management platform, makes possible to define and manage complex workflow processes using non-centralized data structures and templates 100% customizable to specific business needs.
Scriptor Server by making available a powerful set of product marketing tools (namely promotions, and polls) is the perfect platform an organization can use to stretch its market and customer share; with Scriptor Server communication channels with customers has never been as easy as it is now.

Low operating costs
- easy to use platform, Scriptor Server uses a
- centralized managed information repository
Quick implementation and fast setup
- Scriptor Server platform is easy to configure,
- quick to setup and fast to operate making possible
- to have in place a powerful,enterprise-class
- process management enviroment at a
- very competitive investment
Non-technical skill needed
- business-oriented, non-technical team can now
- put in place a powerful, 100% available and
- reliable process management platform

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