Well, at least some of them…

During the last twenty years we, at Viatecla, have been working hard to bring about solutions that can really help and improve the way our clients communicate and digitally run their businesses.

Through all this journey, we could see our clients struggling with six main challenges:

  1. How to strengthen and manage relationships with clients in a transparent and simple way?
  2. How to manage teams so they can be more productive and, at the same time, keep track of their work and ensure knowledge management?
  3. How to create a more fluid operational environment allowing every person in the company on-time access to all information needed to do their jobs?
  4. How to manage these same processes digitally, in a way that allows a quick visualization and control of the business and avoids billions of Excel Sheets spread all over the place?
  5. How to create an e-commerce environment totally integrated with the internal commercial processes without expensive integration efforts?
  6. How to do all these things without the need to deal with an array of different solutions, while the company continues to run its business?

If your company has similar problems, we are proud to announce that we have a solution. Let us introduce you to a new Scriptor Server´s feature: One Office.

More than a simple Backoffice, One Office combines in a single platform everything you need to solve these six big - and very common - problems that haunt many companies.

It is suitable for companies of any size, including yours.

With One Office you will be able to...

  1. Manage one or several websites and portals in only one environment so you can have a content base platform and reuse and control all the interfaces. You will be able to create different environments to manage your public websites, and your Intranet  and extranets.
  2. Deploy, in a very simple way, extranet portals to boost your relationship with customers and partners.
  3. Have a tool to quickly improve your communication with employees, using endomarketing tools, creating learning environments and motivating your teams with gamification techniques.
  4. Implement in the same environment digital processes to manage your business in a day-to-day basis.
  5. Deploy e-commerce environments with multiples catalogues of products and different languages and currencies.
  6. Create, edit, and view each piece of information in your organization, autonomously and control and audit all the interactions in your data end processes.
  7. Interact and give metrics to all the stakeholders of your business with dashboards and indicators.


Want to know more about One Office?  Contact us to have a demo or read the follow articles, where we will tell you some examples of what One Office can do and how it is currently helping businesses like yours. Just take a few minutes to have a look at them!

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