KEYforBilling, your new invoicing tool
The new Viatecla solution for your company to comply with European Directive 2014/55.

As of April 2021, companies in Portugal will have to adhere to a new invoicing system, if they want to have commercial relationships with any public administration bodies from any of the EU members. According to the Directive 2014/55/EU, companies should file an electronic invoice when selling to clients in the public administration. The criteria for this new e-Invoice are:

  • formats accepted by public administration in Portugal are UBL 2.1 "CIUS-PT" e CEFACT "CIUS-PT";
  • Connectivity can be done through an AS2 protocol or a web service;
  • Both the company and the public administration body should store the document for 10 years.

The good news is Viatecla has just what you need to adjust to the new regulation without effort. This month we are launching KeyforBilling, our eInvoicing solution, compatible with all the criteria established by the new regulation.

Besides being simple and efficient, KEYforBilling is also certified by the Portuguese Department of Finance, which makes it a completely legal tool.
The app is totally integrated to our KEYforTravel platform, a pioneer management platform dedicated to the tourism industry. It is also 100 percent compatible with e-commerce platforms developed by Viatecla using ScriptorServer. This means if you are already our client, you can have immediate access to this new to our new tool.

Access the KEYforBilling page and know all about its functionalities and how to have access to it!

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