How to create personalized solutions for operational processes using One Office Scriptor Server
Of course there is a better way to do it.

A dear client of ours, a consultancy firm with more than 1000 clients in its portfolio, was interested in having a digital process for managing their team´s efforts.

One Office quickly enabled them to have a web app that allows each consultant to record their work hours, relate them to a specific project, and calculate their contribution for each cost and results center. Now, the management board also can have dashboards to manage the profitability of their projects in real-time.

In the meanwhile, the company decided to launch a new website. In 15 days, all the content, layout, and interfaces were ready to go live. 

They intend to continuously improve their website, keeping it alive and constantly updated.

One Office, being the portal´s backoffice, has allowed them to create a digital recruitment process fed by applicants' submissions created on the website. One Office then follows the internal recruitment process including interviews appointments, candidates' evaluations, and job offers.

The next step will be creating a client portal to share project information and deliveries and strengthen relationship with their clients, keeping track of all interactions.

Everything in one place: One Office.

Do you have similar challenges? Just contact us. We will be glad to show you how easy it is to create personalized solutions for your business.

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