FutureboxTv - Use video to communicate with different audiences

Communicate with your audiences in an innovative way with FutureboxTv.
FutureboxTv is a platform that enables you to communicate video content through two communication channels, Corporate TV and Internet TV. With FutureboxTv you win:

Corporate TV
- Internal communication with video and multimedia content;
- Visual impact;
- Differentiation from traditional channels of communication;
- Increased brand and corporate awareness;
- Content easily updated;
- Image and text animations integrated with audio;
- Centralized content management with distribution to different geographical areas and multiple channels like displays, web browsers, and mobile devices;
- Targeted communication according to geographical area;
- E-learning platform for employees;
- Adaptable platform to different business models;
- Metrics visualization;

Internet TV

- 24/7 online communication;
- Interactive environment;
- Enriched content with multimedia elements;
- Simple and agile content update;
- Increased brand awareness;
- Smooth streaming technology - video quality adapted to receiver bandwidth for better visualization experience;
- Content alignment by category and lists;
- Integration with external video platforms (e.g. youtube, sapo);
- Video player integration in web pages;
- Possibilidade de inserir publicidade entre conteúdos;
- E-learning platform for employees;
- Video content repository;
- Secure access via web;
- Metrics;
- Adaptable platform to different business models;

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