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Some things can't be repeated too often: we need to figure out how to manage to grow our businesses in this very crazy world.

If on the one hand this new reality poses challenges and needs, on the other, it also offers opportunities that should be explored as a strategy for these changing times. There is plenty to think about, but we  want to point out some of these avenues:

1. The digital sales and distribution model will be a key element 

We must accept that sales will not go back to the same levels as before in the short term. We must be patient and understand that sales will increasingly be through dematerialized and automated formats, with little contact with consumers, and with a focus on digital channels.

Whether it is related to marketing and sales approaches, or to the purchase moment, or even to after-sales services, more and more the customer journeys will be based on digitization. Digital channels, online sales, digital and reliable logistics processes - all of them will be required if we want to recover sales as soon as possible.

2. The world will have no boundaries

Currently, if there is something positive to talk about, it is that the physical distance now becomes less relevant to the client - This is to say that market expansion has become easier. Remote contact is now the standard, which may be favourable to go to market in other geographies. However, it requires the business to be able to respond quickly to customers in multiple languages and transact in different currencies. There is no need to worry: good channel and content management tools can quickly ensure these capabilities.

3. Being able to respond remotely to customers will be imperative

Several companies have decided to keep much of their teams working in home office, even after COVID-19. These new remote work arrangements, at least partially, have come to stay.

To assure the productivity of the remote sales force, to give them access to the customer information, to allow them to support clients, to track orders, and to be able to make active sales anytime and anywhere: these are the new challenges. Business processes must be formalized and digitized so that anyone on the team can be able to proceed with a customer request. Moreover, and maybe it is the most important issue, processes must allow remote, real-time monitoring of sales KPIs to ensure reliable business management.

The point here is quite simple, in times where there are few customers, even losing a single of them is inexcusable.

4. The time is now

Business is being pushed into an increasingly digital and less physical world. We can´t postpone the changes we have to do. There are many processes that need to be defined and everything needs to be done now in an integrated way. This is only possible with tools that allow quick and simple implementations - and at affordable costs!


5. Making mistakes will be part of the process

Another relevant point: many processes will be configured by trial and error. This means that they will need to be adapted or revised along the way. Flexible solutions must be adopted not only to allow mid-route changes but also to be easily carried out by the user, without the need to access technical development teams.

The good news is that all of these issues can be addressed in a very fast and accessible way through the new version of our platform Scriptor Server. If you want to quickly improve your business, please feel welcomed to check our website and tell us about your challenges.

We're looking forward to your contact!

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