DigiTool: An Innovative way to improve public policy proposals
Fill in a Canvas using our tips and templates and end up with an organised and structured project or programme aimed at policy making.

 It is not easy to frame a public policy project in a way that contemplates all the dimensions needed to address innovative solutions for a problem on a society level, and do it through the lens of the citizens impacted by it.

In 2020, the Brazilian federal agency ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development) created Digital.BR - a funding program to stimulate the development of public policy projects aimed at helping Brazilian SME companies in their digital transformation journey.

Viatecla proudly made its contribution to the success of this program by creating DigiTool, a digital tutoring platform where a Public Policy Canvas supports and guide public agents and social institutions during the entire process of framing the project proposal. With DigiTool's assistance, users come up with sound, well-organised and comprehensive projects. 

The Canvas has a double role in the process. On one side, it helps policymakers remember each and every aspect of the project they must envision and all the information they need to structure the project. On the other side, for every field of the Canvas provided, an entire set of Design Thinking and agile tools and tips are offered in order to enable the agents to develop a citizen-centered mindset  and approach the project or programme from the final beneficiary's point of view. The result is a more complete, stronger and well-structured public policy proposal. 

Besides being user friendly and intuitive, another advantage of the DigiTool platform is the fact that it is a collaborative tool. This means you can have different people working in the project remotely, and everyone can add different kinds of information to make improvements to the proposal as the project idea gets more mature. In the end, the participants end up with a much richer proposal.

To assist in the creation of each project, the tool also offers a playbook comprising tutorials, templates and key information that will guide the policymakers in the elaboration of the document. The platform is available for people in the private and public sectors in Brazil. 

About ABDI

The Associação Brasileira de Desenvolvimento Industrial (or Brazilian Association of Industrial Development, in English) is a federal agency created in 2005  to promote the execution of industrial development policies, especially those aimed at job creation. In over a decade of work, the agency evolved to also being a reference in the planning and execution of actions that contribute to the technological development of the country. 

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