Bridge4Media - complete solution for video contents

Bridge4Media -  Features

With a special focus on the safety component, the platform Bridge4Media is a secure solution for video content business, either by implementing mechanisms to protect data and prevent copying by DRM - Digital Right Management, or by providing safe interaction with payments.
Bridge4Media includes several features that make it a complete platform for the business cycle of video content:

- Back-office 100% web

•  Flexible information management;
•  Workflow engine;
•  Access control and auditing;
•  Templates presentation management / site layout;
•  APIs for access to all features;

- Movie management

•  Management of all meta-data;
•  Automatic encoding in multiple formats;
•  Encryption Windows Media DRM;
•  Multi-language support;
•  Content syndication;
•  Support for movies and series;

- Business management

•  Product management with various business models;
•  Content rental or purchase;
•  CRM;
•  Reports management;
•  Reports Revenue Share for suppliers;
•  Partner Reports;

- Store management

•  Multi-site/Multi-brand on the same platform;
•  Store interface management in Backoffice;
•  Multi-language interfaces;
•  Multi-currency;
•  Multi-market (with central management);
•  Online payments;
•  Paypal and Click&Buy support;
•  Unicre and Visa e-commerce;

- Security

•  Secure payments;
•  WMDRM (DRM) licensing;
•  Microsoft Playready (DRM) licensing;
•  Content geofiltering;
•  Parental control;

- Content delivery

•  Multiple formats;
•  Multiple devices support (Web, TV, STB, others);
•  Download or Progressive download;
•  Streaming;
•  Customisable Player Silverlight;

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