"What will the world be after the crisis we are currently experiencing"
Pedro Seabra’s opinion: And after the crisis?
This is the question Ambitur made our CEO, 5 April 2020. Here is the English translation of the article they published. (https://www.ambitur.pt/opiniao-by-pedro-seabra-e-depois-da-crise/)
"What will the world be after the crisis we are currently experiencing: how much will it be the same? To what extent will it be different?"
Well, I doubt anyone knows, but certainly, it will not be the same.

The world will be different. Moreover, for the tourism sector, it is not difficult to predict that it will be VERY different.

The tourism sector was the first to suffer the impact and consequences of the virus and it will be one of the sectors that takes the longest to recover: it will probably take years - and many changes.

The tourism sector has several stakeholders, but to put it simply, let us only think about Product Owners, Destinations and Distributors.

The owners of the tourism product will face the economic issue that this crisis creates and this, despite already causing great consequences, will still be much more dramatic in the coming months, creating major problems of demand and even price maintenance under the conditions in which we have been operating until now. In addition, there will be challenging operation and promotion issues, with a strong focus on health and sanitary safety. It will require companies to change processes, behaviors, investments and training. They will have a very big challenge in inspiring confidence in the communication and promotion of their products. At first, they will certainly have to turn to the local, national, and then European customer.  I believe that only afterwards the customer will be intercontinental again.

For Destinations, the challenges will also be huge. They will face operational difficulties. As never before, it will be necessary to articulate and work in networks to create an image of Health Security and strong preventive measures and actions in this area. Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and this has been part of the reason for the great growth in tourists in recent years. This perception now has to be extended to Health and Sanitary Safety issues with great urgency in terms of communication and evidences, so that foreign tourists trust and, when thinking about traveling, Portugal can be the priority destination.

This must be almost a national master design. We live in a moment of crisis, but not of war:  we have no destruction; the destinations are still here, as our geography, climate, traditions and services. The battle will be in the field of communication and customer perception creation. It will require not only public investment, but also strong coordination with the private initiative and the population: our country is made up of the people who live here, their habits and practices. We need to make people understand the weight and importance that tourism has in our economy.

For Distributors, those who manage to survive have to act quickly. Everything they knew they had to do before and never did, now is the time to do it, in a different and much more effective way. I really believe that this is their opportunity, whether in technological support, in processes or, in particular, in the offer to be given to customers.

The customers, the passengers, have certainly changed, not because they will stop traveling - I do not believe that people get off the couch so transformed. I think that in this area people will not change that much, but they will certainly be more demanding: they will want more information, security and guarantees that, if something happens, there will be those who support them.

Agencies will have to do much more, with much less. It will require more efficiency, focus and tools. They will need, as soon as possible, assertive and complete communication, a product more suitable for the new needs and a supply of safer and more resourceful destinations. Strong, full-service partners. Much will have to change so that distributors can take advantage of this opportunity, for which technology will need to respond and help.

Much more was to be said and detailed. Each of these points requires deep action to minimize the impact of this crisis, which will be very large and, for many, unfortunately, even fateful.

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