Innovation Labs is the research and development area of Viatecla. 
The innovation process has been one of Viatecla´s major success factors. 
Innovation is always present within the overall organizational structure as well as within its several competence domains and players:
  • In product teams with technological innovation applied to Viatecla´s products, namely, KEYforTravel, Scriptor Server, Brigde4Media, Nicereader, FutureboxTv. This innovation process is focused in product domains, and it is applied in new product genesis, or in improving existing products.
  • In Viatecla Innovation Labs with a twofold perspective: R&D focused in creating new concepts and products according with business and market trends as well as effective processes of technology development, transfer and assimilation.
  • In Excellence.NET Centre, the core of R&D activities within Viatecla Labs with a scientific approach and technological transfer from academic environment to Viatecla and market.
  • In R&D structural and strategic projects, planned and developed with the support of universities, investigation and R&D Centres, and public and non-public institutes/organizations. 
  • By overall production and support players within the organization, through the several types of innovations introduced and blend in their daily processes and activities.
Viatecla Innovation Labs is the heart of innovation in Viatecla being therefore responsible for the creation of new products and pushing forward the existing ones. 
With a dynamic team within the research of new business or technological paradigms, the goal is to create new concepts and to develop them, going further beyond proof of concept, building the roots of new products.
Innovation is Viatecla´s focus, and it is always oriented to client´s business and/or market needs, attending and participating in the innovation process since the first prototype made. Viatecla Innovation Labs put its effort on agile prototype methodologies, recurring to latest technologies, and its ergonomic implementation, building rich interactive environments for the final user. 

The Excellence.NET Centre, located within the University of Évora, is the core of Viatecla´s R&D, based on scientific and academic environment. This Centre comes from a three-way partnership between the Viatecla, Microsoft, and Évora University. Focused in academic investigation, the Centre´s purpose is to experiment, validate, and transfer academic knowledge to Viatecla´s business units and environment. 
A solid relationship between Viatecla Innovation Labs, its Excellence.NET Centre and the academic community is continuously reinforced, with visible an important results, through undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral projects, regarding Viatecla´s products, or in its related domains, such as Tourism, Media, and Content Management. Technology transfer projects with specialist teachers are being conducted, particularly in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Extraction of Knowledge Information in Natural Language. 
Viatecla is developing and promoting several strategic and structural projects supported by the Portuguese National Reference Strategic Framework. Its development and economic valorization counts with R&D teams from Viatecla Labs, and Excellence.NET Centre, as well as product teams that work more closely to each project. Additionally, an important participation is given by some partners involved, such as Universities, companies, R&D Centres and other type of organizations.

Each R&D project highlights the strong relationship between university entities and investigation centres, seeking to create synergies between Viatecla, market and academic environment.

Below are eight structural and strategic R&D projects that are being concluded (click on each project logo to obtain detailed information):

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