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We seek to strengthen our team with people who bring skills and energy to our projects in order to meet the challenges of our growth and sustainability.
Thus, to make the applications analysis process quicker, objective and effective, we ask that you fill out the form below. Note that the more objective and clear your answers are, the better Viatecla can assess your application. Failure to complete, or incomplete filling of any of the fields, makes your application less competitive, reducing the possibilities of inclusion in the recruitment process, and may, in extreme cases, make your application void.
Important tips:
  1. Check the Education data and identification;
  2. In fields concerning Experience, describe in detail the work / achievements as well as indicate the skills and expertise and technology used. It is important to indicate the dates and, in remuneration component, match up to what is requested (Gross Annual Remuneration);
  3. In Reasons to Apply, besides indicating the expectations you have about Viatecla if you join us, it is vital to mention why Viatecla should hire you, ie, to present in a clear and professional way what is your value proposition, what added value you can bring to the company, which distinguishes your application from other colleagues or professionals.
  4. In the Expectations component, the field Expected Gross Annual Income is also very important to be properly completed. Because projects have to be sustainable, because in current environment of austerity and highly competition, it is essential for Viatecla to understand your values and conditions to be integrated into our project as a productive and differentiator element. So, clearly indicate gross annual remuneration expected. Use the Additional Comments field (Reasons to Apply) to express other conditions that for you are essential to accept joining our project. Do not forget to mention also your comment regarding the location of Viatecla. 
  5.  The response time and the speed with which processes are implemented sometimes make the difference between success and failure. It is essential for us to have a sense of the time you need in case of integration in our team. That is, if you drive a Viatecla proposed collaboration, the actual time it would take to power up your duties with us. To do so, complete the field Days to Enter Viatecla (in Expectations).

It is our belief that corresponding to our request, your application becomes a real opportunity for growth and value creation for both your career and for Viatecla.




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