Product Manager
Context and Main Responsibilities  
  • Design, implement and coordinate product(s) development, according to the strategy and objectives.
  • Architecture design of the platform.
  • Management of the team (internal or external) allocated to the product.
  • Technical monitoring of all solution components and in particular server-side components.
  • Ensure the product roadmap in respect to deadlines, budget, scope, quality and performance
  • Monitor market needs, to be updated on the new technologies and competitive technologies, always aiming to add value to the product.
  • Know and consider the flow of the client's business and the environment / ecosystem where the product is inserted.
  • Client Support (i.e. issues resolution).
  • Support the commercial team in the sales process and push commercially the product.
  • Minimum 3 years relevant experience for the position 
Academic, Technical and Market Profile
  • Bachelor or Master in Computer Engineering or related  
Required Knowledge
  • ASP.NET (.NET Framework  >= 4.0 )
  • WS-* Standards;
  • SQL Server 2005 > 2014
Preferred Knowledge
  • HTML,  CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • iOS development
  • Android Development
Complementary Profile
  • Ability to analyze and manage technological projects 
  • Delivery Oriented
  • Desire for deeply understanding Client's business 
  • Good relationship with Clients
  • Strong autonomy and proactivity 
  • Ability to synthesizing and writing documents
  • Good knowledge of English 
  • Total passion for his/her work
Other Conditions 
  • Integration in a company with strong presence in the area of Web development and a major innovation component 
  • Participation in challenging projects of high complexity and innovation
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