Customer Support
Professional Profile
CUSTOMER SUPPORT (M/F)                                                                                 
Context and Main Responsibilities 
·         Support Clients and ensure their satisfaction through timely and effective response to complaints and focus on the solution, minimizing business failures impact.
·         Answer and respond to client contacts according to presented problem and established SLA’s.
·         Resolve issues or climb them, according to complexity.
·         Make the necessary records in the internal systems to ensure issues tracking.
·         Maintain appropriate contact with the client for progress updating and information consistency purposes.
·         Gather and document knowledge about supported products and services.
·         Give development teams documented feedback on recurring issues in order to prevent new occurrence.
·         Minimum 1-2 anos experience in customer support area. 
Academic, Technical and Market Profile
·         Degree and/or technical certification in relevant areas
·         Required Knowledge:
o    Web solutions fluid knowledge (e.g. multiple browsers use, on-line processes, payments)
o    Web technologies (browser, server, session notions, cookies, security, connectivity, proxies)
o    Debug and remote tracking technologies (e.g. profiling http, remote desktop)
o    Issue tracking platforms use
·         Preferred Knowledge:
o    .NET Framework  >= 2.0
o    ASP.NET
o    HTML,  CSS
o    JavaScript
o    XML, XSLT
o    Webservices, REST, JSON
o    Tracing & profiling SQL Server 2005, 2008
o    T-SQL 
Complementary Profile
·         Great ability to adapt to new technologies and products
·         Delivery Oriented
·         Desire for deeply understanding Client's business
·         High interpersonal, listening and communication skills
·         Strong autonomy and proactivity
·         Accountability, ability to work in a team
·         Multitasking
·         Good English knowledge 
Other Conditions
·         Integration in a company with strong presence in the area of ??Web development and a major innovation component
·        Participation in challenging projects of high complexity and innovation
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