Business Consultant - Tourism
Profissional Profile

Context and Main Responsibilities
  • Direct report to CEO and company responsible for Tourism Market 
  • Client management regarding identification of respective technological systems needs and requirements transposition to specifications, advice and implementation processes.
  • Sales and market relationship support, acting as interface between Client and Product Manager. 
  • Minimum 5-7 years of experience  as Mangement and IT Consultant in recognized consulting companies 
  • 5 years experience in Tourism area. 
Academic, Technical and Market Profile
  • Degree in Management and /or Marketing areas and preferably specific training in IT
  • Deep knowledge of the tourism market, a prerequisite for dialogue and understanding (e.g. sector knowledge and sector specific language) current and future perceived needs. Knowledge of the business ecosystem.
  • Players and tourism companies actors knowledge and interaction as support to sales activity.
Complementary Profile
  • High communication skills, ability to listen and ask the right questions to understand the problem and presenting workable and appropriate solutions to the organization.
  • High interpersonal skills.
  • Skills for clear, concise and objective writing. Ability to systemize.
  • Good English knowledge.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Strong autonomy and proactivity. 
Other Conditions
  • Integration in a company with strong presence in the area of ??Web development and a major innovation component 
  • Availability to frequent travel
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