Sports are an universal language, without boundaries, capable to unite people and nations. Through healthy competition the limits of human nature are continuously tested and exceeded.
Periodically, athletes from all continents are joined together celebrating this ideal. Multiple heroes from different countries, sports and epochs have become true legends. The application “Summer Medals” represents a tribute, remembering them, making available a search facilitator completely innovative and extremely useful. Explore with a minimum set of interactions and remember the sports heroes in the last century.


Results Presentation Quick Filters Simplified Interaction
The Summer Medals app allows you to navigate, filter, and search the best sports scores obtained in international summer/winter competitions. Through the illustration of sports results in a visual and intuitive form, it is intended to create an interactive story accessible to any user / sports fan. In order to interact with the application it is offered to the final user a group of filters applied to different categories. For more complex combinations, especially of multi-criteria nature, it is possible to match filters of different categories in real-time. The feature of search is a plus that allows a direct selection, in case the information is already know at first time. The Summer app was conceived to take full advantage of touch technology, in particular of iPad device, authorizing interaction in both vertical and horizontal orientation. It is intended with this application the maximization of searching scores, through experimental and error feedback from continuous operations.
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